Free Software for Video Production People using Macs (Part 1)

A good workman doesn’t blame his tools. Maybe so, but some nice apps on your mac can make life a lot easier. The first four here are all free and some are open-source so there is no reason not to!

Mpeg Streamclip

This is really popular amongst video people, it is very simple but very powerful. In essence, a video converter – it is useful for changing 5DMkii format (H.264) to a codec you could edit with more easily. This isn’t all though, it is compatible with many video types and I have used it on various projects. Definitely something to keep up your sleeve.


If you find yourself using more than one computer (or a mac plus iPhone), then sharing files is easy with this free software. I have my account set up on my main editing mac, my MacBookPro and my work mac – as well as on my iPhone. Generally I keep some basic Photoshop actions, colours, etc. and photos for projects, documents for projects etc.

At 2gb for a free account, it’s not really big enough for video footage but you can at least push it to 4gb through referrals or pay for some extra space if you want to.

Komodo Edit

If you are working on contemporary video contracts, often a knowledge and the application of some web coding is necessary. This free, open-source coding notepad is my weapon of choice, it just does everything I need it to (and much more).


If you are anything like me, you aren’t the best at keeping your source files and output files and random files in order and your massive external hard drive is full and you don’t know why. Probably because there is a lossless few minutes of video hiding away somewhere. This free app provides a visual and interactive representation of the files that are found on any drive and allows you to target them and re-arrange and tidy-up as you please. Essential.