Final Cut Pro X

The new Final Cut Pro was announced this week and, after years of anticipation, it has really been shaken up. Above is a video of the presentation, detailing many of the new features.

I’m not going to go through all of these new features but you can read about it all over the internet.

While things like magnetic sound/visuals, usage of RAM and the price tag are very interesting – and liable to save time and money – I’m not as excited as a lot of the video production blogs and other websites out there. This is no slight on Apple or anyone posting multiple giddy updates about FCPX, I just couldn’t shake the thought that it isn’t going to make me create better films. I get it, though. I understand that people are on deadlines and the time that this might save could mean more money, it could mean more time with the family (or other pursuits), it could be a new tool to play with. Of course I want to spend more time being creative and focusing on the areas which I like best, but I think I just don’t get excited until I see something which widens my abilities, or allows me to do something which I could not otherwise achieve.

But yeah, I’ll probably get it anyway.


Vimeo now available as an iPhone app

The “filmmaker’s YouTube” finally gets its own iPhone app. You find a higher quality of work over on Vimeo, but it still pays off to use both sites, depending on the project and client, of course.

I hope the site doesn’t get flooded with iPhone videos though (I don’t think it will, those will probably go on Facebook).

A New Video Production Contract

As I am starting the New Year in a 12 month video production role, I thought I would document the ins-and-outs of different areas of position. I will be looking at obstacles and work-arounds, theory and tech stuff.

I have no equipment for production or editing currently. Part of the job was to price-up a kit that could handle the type of projects we would be doing and an editing suite that could handle the footage.

The types of projects vary and I won’t be getting into specifics quite yet; and even later I might only discuss projects vaguely, to focus on the creative and technical elements. Here is a rough summary of what will be required:

  • Company promotional videos (/ads)
  • Events
  • Learning/Training videos

I should probably stress that over the course of this blog I would encourage commenting – especially to offer alternatives to the way I am working or for solutions to any problems I discuss and so on. Anything constructive that might help others in a similar situation. The technology involved is developing so fast and this is quite an exciting time to be working in this field.

I will also blog related media which I find along my way which is interesting, inspiring or that I just want to talk about.

Sometimes I will create templates for jobs or tasks and make them available for download and would encourage others to submit similar documents or anything else that might be suitable for this blog – proper credit will be given.

Okay, that’s enough for now. I will soon be posting some of the equipment research and kit I will be using.