Video Production Proposal Template and Download

Update: Read this post to find out about a great digital pack of all the film document templates you could possibly want! You can download a new version of the Production Proposal HERE (right-click, Save As…)

A video proposal is essential for explaining and recording what is required by the client and what you will provide. I sometimes call them a treatment, as – for me – they are similar in content. In my experience, however, treatments went alongside a nerve-wracking pitch for a film that nobody really wanted to make but me (until I convinced them, obviously).

A proposal needs some basic information about the what, why, who, how, where and when of the video in question. I have seen quite a few variations and you just need to edit your template until you find one that sits well with you. These can change, project-to-project, but are a good starting point. I have edited the one below a few times and am still updating it on each project I am faced with.

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