Important Film Production Documents for Students and Indie Filmmakers


Creating a file of documents for your film is necessary to keep things in order and make sure the film is made in the most economical way. It is also compulsory for most film school courses.

That’s not to say it can’t be tedious and difficult to put together.

Fortunately, a new digital pack of all the important documents has been released to help filmmakers, whether they are just starting out or running an independent company.

They’re called ProFilmDocs¬†and have been working with universities, colleges, indie film companies and legal advisors to build a pack of templates suited to everyone.

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You can download a free sample pack including Non-Disclosure Agreement, Risk Assessment Form and Guide now: click here (right-click and Save As…)


Video Production Proposal Template and Download

Update: Read this post to find out about a great digital pack of all the film document templates you could possibly want! You can download a new version of the Production Proposal HERE (right-click, Save As…)

A video proposal is essential for explaining and recording what is required by the client and what you will provide. I sometimes call them a treatment, as – for me – they are similar in content. In my experience, however, treatments went alongside a nerve-wracking pitch for a film that nobody really wanted to make but me (until I convinced them, obviously).

A proposal needs some basic information about the what, why, who, how, where and when of the video in question. I have seen quite a few variations and you just need to edit your template until you find one that sits well with you. These can change, project-to-project, but are a good starting point. I have edited the one below a few times and am still updating it on each project I am faced with.

Files removed (see start of post for info + download)